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Buy AN627 Tramadol pill is a drug that is commonly used as an analgesic to combat moderate to severe pain. It has become a drug that is routinely used for post-surgery pain. It belongs to the class of drugs called opioids but has the advantage of generating less dependence and inducing respiratory depression compared to other drugs of this type.


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Specifically, tramadol exerts its mechanism of action on the central nervous system. It has a dual mechanism of pharmacological action. Tramadol has agonist activity on central opiate receptors μ although its affinity for these receptors is about 10 times lower than that of codeine, 60 times lower than that of propoxyphene and 6,000 times lower than that of morphine. The M1 metabolite has an affinity for said receptor μ 4-200 times greater than native tramadol. Opioid receptors are found coupled to receptors for G proteins functioning as positive or negative modulators of synaptic transmission through G proteins that activate affecter proteins. You can buy your prescription of tramadol online at low cost over internet from legit sources. You can buy at low prices and get an order of tramadol an627 pill very fast.

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It is important to note that the analgesic effects of tramadol are not only a consequence of its opioid agonist effects. An important contribution to the analgesic effects, but also to their adverse effects, is the blockade of synaptic amine reuptake, similar to that caused by monoamine oxidase inhibitors. Tramadol inhibits the reuptake of norepinephrine and serotonin in the central nervous system and, thus, prevents the transmission of pain through the marrow. These effects are quite significant in the overall analgesic effect of tramadol since naloxone cannot completely reverse its analgesic effects. The stereochemistry of tramadol also influences its affinity for the opiate receptors. The (+) enantiomer has a higher affinity for the μ opiate receptor, inhibits serotonin reuptake and stimulates its release. The (-) enantiomer inhibits norepinephrine reuptake by stimulating α 2 -adrenergic receptors.


Tramadol is given orally, rectally, intramuscularly and intravenously. After oral administration, the drug is rapidly absorbed with an initial bioavailability of 68% reaching 100% after several doses. This increase in bioavailability is due to the fact that tramadol undergoes saturable first pass liver metabolism. If you dont have health insurance, you can find tramadol online and buy an627 pills easily from reputable online pharmacy.



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For indications and dosage of tramadol, an initial dose of 25 mg once daily is recommended for moderate and severe pain, which will be increased with increments of 25 mg every three days until reaching 100 mg / day. Say, four doses of 25 mg daily). Subsequently, doses can be increased by 50 mg / day (assuming they are well tolerated) every 3 days, up to 200 mg / day (ie four doses of 50 mg per day) reaching as high as 400 Mg / day spread over 4 times a day. It is not recommended to exceed 400 mg per day. In patients older than 75 years, initially the dose should be 25 mg once daily, increasing it by increments of 25 mg every 3 days until reaching 100 mg / day spread over 4 administrations.


In cases suffering from pain due to osteoarthritis you can take 50-100 mg every 4-6 hours without going over 400 mg / day. Adjustment of the dose by small increments improves drug tolerability. Buying tramadol online is very common these days because you can buy from your home and receive the package in your home also. You can buy small quantity one time from a new source and check the quality, then is recommended to purchase every time from same source always. More if that source have overnight delivery. If the online pharmacy dont have fast delivery, just place your order of tramadol online with time. Also check buytenuate.com for more information about Obesity medications.



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In a study developed by Araujo A et al., It is specified that an adequate treatment for pain relief should be focused on a comprehensive assessment of pain. At the same time, the consequences that such pain can affect the general functioning of the patient should be considered with the same priority. In this procedure it is of paramount importance to listen to what the patient expresses about his own experience of pain.

In terms of pharmacological strategy, the treatment of cancer pain is based on the administration of opioids orally, following the analgesic ladder developed by the WHO. The use of tramadol for these cases has already been evaluated in several studies with different characteristics. In some studies tramadol was compared to morphine and it was found that when the first drug was indicated in high doses, considerable efficacy was achieved.

In another study carried out by Rico M and co-workers, we sought to evidence non-inferiority of tramadol in comparison to codeine in relation to analgesic efficacy, tolerance and incidence of adverse effects.

The study consisted of a total of 60 patients treated at the Pain Therapy and Palliative Care Unit of the National Cancer Institute. The period evaluated was 6 months and the researchers reported that the average age was 55 years. The patients had cancer from different origins and the goal was to move from the first to the second step of the WHO scale, since there was no success in reducing pain.

The initial dose of codeine was 30 mg every 6 hours, while it was decided that the dose of tramadol was 40 mg, also every 6 hours. It should be noted that the maximum stipulated dose was 320 mg for codeine and 400 mg for tramadol.


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The study authors found that pain intensity was similar for both the codeine and tramadol groups. As for the adverse effects, both groups of patients experienced an improvement in nocturnal sleep. In turn, a similar percentage of patients taking both tramadol and codeine did not exhibit constipation. With regard to nausea and vomiting, it was detected that 61.5% of the patients taking tramadol did not present nausea and 69% did not present vomiting. While in the case of codeine the numbers were minimally unfavorable: 52% did not have nausea and 56% did not show vomiting.

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As part of the findings, the researchers expressed that tramadol is not inferior to codeine from the point of view of efficacy to calm pain. If other studies indicating the major adverse effects of codeine are taken into account, it is clear that tramadol is a very good opioid analgesic and could be considered as an alternative for the management of cancer pain.

Although the authors argued that further studies are needed to confirm the latter claim, they concluded that tramadol was as effective as codeine, offering a similar profile of adverse events and with a very good acceptance from the patients themselves. Finally, they also supported the alternative favorable to tramadol, expressing its lower potential for the risk of generating tolerance and dependence. In addition, it is also advantageous to use tramadol subcutaneously in certain cases of oncological disease, when it cannot be administered orally.



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