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Can I buy Fioricet online?

Yes. Fioricet is not a controlled substance as designated by the Drug Enforcement Agency. Online you can have a doctor review a Fioricet medical questionnaire, similar to the existing phone consultation model. There are a few states with laws regarding online sales of non-controlled drugs. FL and VA, for example, do not allow residents obtain prescriptions through online consultation.
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Fioricet contains the barbiturate butalbital and has potential for abuse and physical dependence. For this reason, individual states may decide to control this drug in the future. Currently, however, Fioricet, Esgic, and Butace are non-controlled substances in the U.S.

There are many options for buying Fioricet on the internet. Expect to fill out a questionnaire for a doctor to review. Most pharmacies include the doctor’s “consulting fee” from the listed price, but not shipping costs. Depending on the company, delivery will vary between 1 and 3 days. Stay away from pharmacies that are slow to ship, don’t reply to email, or that seem questionable in general.


ioricet is a non-narcotic pain medication used to treat tension headaches and muscle contraction headaches. This medication is frequently used to treat migraines, even though it is not indicated by the FDA for this use. It is supplied in tablets to be taken orally and we have them available on generic or brand presentations of 30 or 90 tablets. Fioricet is made from a combination of 325mg of acetaminophen, 40mg of caffeine and 50mg of butalbital.


Fioricet has proven to be very effective treating tension headaches and those triggered by intense muscle contractions, its effectiveness relies  on the mechanism of action of each ingredient that compose it. Acetaminophen is a pain reliever and a fever reducer with analgesic properties that relief pain and aches. Caffeine works as central nervous system stimulant decreasing muscles pressure on the blood vessels and improving blood flow. Along with Butalbital, which is a barbiture that has a depressant effect on the nervous system that relaxes muscle contractions involved in a tension headache.


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There’s a couple of essential things to understand before taking fioricet or actually before taking any kind of medicine. First; fioricet is simply not for everyone; people who have a medical history of alcohol or drug dependence, depression, liver damage or kidney disease might not be able to use this medication. The components on fioricet like acetaminophen or butalbital can increase damage on these organs placing the patient on a very dangerous situation. Moreover, butalbital is a habit forming barbiture that can lead to dependence on this drug.


Buy fioricet is an analgesic used to relieve pain and promote relaxation of the muscles involved in a tension headache. This medication is very similar to fioricet; it is also made of a combination of butalbital, acetaminophen and caffeine. The difference between fioricet and fioricet generic relies on the amount of acetaminophen that each medication holds. Differently to fioricet, fioricet is made of 500mg of acetaminophen, containing this way 175mg more than fioricet.

Acetaminophen is a widely used analgesic that acts as a pain reliever and a fever reducer; it is commonly used to relieve headaches and other minor pains and aches and is a major ingredient in most cold and flu remedies sold over the counter.

Caffeine properties help to increase the blood flow by relaxing and releasing the muscle pressure on the veins and arteries. The increase on the blood flow allows a better oxygenation that alleviates some of the symptoms experienced when suffering from a tension headache.

Butalbital is classified as a barbiturate, a group of drugs that take action as central nervous system depressant. It has a wide range of effects like mild sedation and analgesic properties. However, these effects have an intermediate duration of action. It’s important to mention that the body can produce tolerance to this barbiturate; if it is used for long periods of time, the body will require higher doses to feel the same effects that it used to. Once the body reaches tolerance to any component included on butalbital-plus, strong withdrawal symptoms could occur.

Warnings and Precautions

If you take this medication for longer periods of time or in larger doses than what was prescribed, you could become dependent to this medication. Physical dependence could lead you to experience strong withdrawal symptoms and even more headaches. As there is no benefit from over using this medicine, follow all the instructions given by your healthcare provider and read carefully the directions written on the prescription label.

Fioricet is a drug that is made up of a combination that includes an analgesic, a sedative, and caffeine. It is indicated for the therapeutic management of tension headaches that consist of the manifestation of discomfort or headache as a result of a tension or contracture of the muscles of the neck. It is generally considered that these discomforts are due to various factors such as stress, depression, anxiety or some type of trauma to the skull. While Fioricet is not indicated by the FDA to calm migraines in the United States, it is frequently used to treat this condition as well as other conditions that cause pain.

The effectiveness of Fioricet can be explained by its composition from a triple combination of substances that act covering the entire spectrum of the physiological mechanisms involved causing headaches. This way, you will be able to get a general relief from your discomfort when taking Fioricet. It is important that you know what the components of this drug are and how they work. It should first be explained that this drug contains acetaminophen, the analgesic properties of which make it one of the most frequently used drugs to relieve mild and moderate pain as well as for the management of fever. For the case of headaches contributes to calm the pain and is one of the substances that the doctors more recommend for these cases. The other element that integrates the composition of fioricet is butalbital, a barbiturate that acts in the organism relaxing the muscular contractions that originate the tension headaches. It also works as a sedative agent at the level of the central nervous system. The third substance that is part of Fioricet is caffeine that helps improve the functioning of acetaminophen. It also helps to relax muscle contractions, improves blood circulation and helps the drug to be absorbed more quickly by the body to achieve relief of migraines with greater immediacy.

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Patients will be able to buy Fioricet at any pharmacy and also through the internet in the form of tablets and also capsules taken by mouth. There is a consensus among doctors based on their experience in clinical practice that it is possible to take butalbital every 4 hours according to the needs of each patient. In turn it is also advisable to take the medicine with food or milk to avoid possible stomach upsets. Another aspect to consider is how to continue the treatment when the patient forgets to take a dose of Fioricet. Before this situation the most appropriate is to take the dose that omitted immediately remember it. If it happens near the next dose, it is best to not take into account the dose that was previously forgotten and continue with the next dose as scheduled. It is not advisable under any point of view to double the dose as it may have negative consequences due to a possible increase in the adverse effects of Fioricet especially those associated with liver damage.

In relation to adverse effects patients should know that these occur frequently and also depend on each particular person. In some cases that are uncommon, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and abdominal pain may occur. These are effects that should not be of concern to the patient but it is important that you take the necessary precautions until you discover how Fioricet can affect your body. Other more serious side effects are unusual such as shortness of breath, fainting, mood swings, depression, fever. If the patient ever manifests any of these symptoms, you should consult your doctor to decide the steps to follow.

There are some precautions that are useful to experience proper use of butalbital and to bring about the expected effect. Patients who have taken alcohol, sedatives, tranquilizers or any other narcotic medication should refrain from using Fioricet. In turn, this medication should be avoided if porphyria is present or if it has been under treatment with an MAO inhibitor within the last two weeks because an undesired interaction between the drugs can be generated.

What is the difference if buy fioricet brand or generic online ?
There not are differences these days. Generic is made with same ingredients. Just is a myth that brand is better…More important is to know WHAT labs is making that generic. The important is the Labs doing the pills and not if is generic or not.

If these considerations are respected should not appear problems when butalbital is used and on the contrary the patients will be able to obtain the benefits of solving the pains of migraines that often become unbearable situation. The experiences of many people who relate their case to doctors have many aspects in common and often interfere negatively in the performance of their daily tasks. Sometimes the picture starts with headaches and then stretches sensing muscular contractures in the shoulders and neck. Sometimes the symptoms can worsen affecting the vision, feeling dizzy and even producing pain in the ears. Other patients also describe a strong pressure in one of the parietals of the head. The time during which these symptoms can be felt varies greatly since one of the main obstacles is the difficulty of finding a treatment that can reverse this situation. Some individuals live daily with these headaches for at least two months, others may manifest within a shorter period of time, but the pain is more constant, feeling it every day for a week or two. The causes of these pains are multiple: stress problems due to labor inconveniences, discussions with the most intimate links, bad postures, and sudden movements.

It is essential to warn patients not to naturalize these pains by falling into a resignation that leads to trying to adapt their own life to the ailment. The option to take Fioricet may be the solution that contributes to ending these pains, thanks to the efficiency that comes from its own components.


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